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Like Sky and Moon part 3

In previous episodes : Nilan and Thalion met by accident in the forest and realized they had much in common. Nilan having not much to hold onto in her world anymore, they decide to travel together to Thalion's kingdom where a war take place between humans and dragonkin in the hope to calm down the offensive and possibly work toward peace.

And now...

By back tracking Thalion's trail during a long week, they finally stumble on a special place. Big trees and a large and profound river, everything looks normal at first glance. Except an eerie feeling, ever present fireflies and an incredible amount of rock crystals along the water shores...

“If there is some sort of portal i crossed on my way, it most be around here.” Thalion said.

The river was large and troubled enough to discourage anyone from crossing through, but a large tree had recently fallen, making a temporary opportunity. They went back to Thali's land...

A few days later, while talking to human soldiers, trying to catch up with the latest events, the group was suddenly attacked by Raina, in her dragon form...


All around them lied death bodies. The magical ice was slowly melting under the rays of the sun but it wouldn't change the fate of the men. Nilan looked around horrified, still clinging to Thalion's back even if the threat was gone. Their first encounter with Raina haven't went at all as they expected. Thalion was still panting, his gaze lost in the distance. He couldn't believe he almost got killed by his best friend!

A few minutes ago, a dark blue shape had suddenly pierced the sky, throwing deadly breath of ice on everyone on sight.  Thalion instantly recognize his best friend Raina, the last dragon kin who inherit the power to fully transform into a dragon shape. Her and her kind were at war with humans. It took Thalion everything to make her realize it was him so that she would spare his life. After killing everyone else, without a word, the dragon finally flied away disappearing in the clouds.

Nilan was alive only because she hid close behind Thalion's back and they both knew it.

After a last look to the death humans, Thalion turn to his friend. Nilan was obviously looking upset at the sight of all the suddenly dead people.

« I thought you were used to wars? » Thalion asked her gently.

« I heard about massacres, i've been taught about a lot of war things, but i never actually been there.We were talking to them just a minute ago!!! … She is powerful. »

« Nilan... you can't stay here. »

« What? I'm fine! I haven't learned all that i have to give up at first sign of trouble! »

« We're outmatched! » Thalion spat « Don't you see? Two feet aside and Raina would have you killed! We have no magic Nilan, you have to go!»

« So what? She didn't kill you, right? We can't give up! We'll figure something out! »

« I'll figure something out! She won't kill me but i can't protect you! »

Nilan frown angrily. « I can protect myself »

« Oh yeah, how? »

Nilan didn't have an answer right this minute to that question. She was a good enough sword fighter, but she had no magic of her own.

« Look, I haven't gotten in all the trouble to come here in order to go back now »
Thalion looked at the stubborn half blood. He couldn't help but to remember the last week or so they passed together. She was a good companion, prompt and franc. They had a lot in common and somehow he got attach to her quickly. He couldn't stand the thought she'd die because of him. She deserved better.

“I don't care about the trouble.” Thalion turned his back and walked away. “I don't want of you around anymore.”

Nilan reply got stuck in her troat at Thalion's last words. She stood there, hoping he'd turn back to say something else. She wanted to argue more. She wanted to say something bright, but Thali's words cut through her belly like a sharp blade. He didn't want her around anymore?? Is that really so?
When he left the glade and vanished into the woods, she turned in the direction where she was coming from and evacuated her feral emotions in a wild run.


Thalion thinks he's doing the right thing by leaving Nilan behind and walk away determined and frustrated for a long time. It's the only way he can make sure she stays alive! Nilan knows, that's why she didn't follow him. Suddenly he freezes. He realizes how rude he've been with her and that the last thing he told was that he didn't want of her.... Were those words really the last ones he wanted to tell her? ... He turns back.

Nilan runs away, hurt and angry. She crosses back to her world, where cold and delicate falling snow welcome her. Walking away from the portal and Thali's land, she stops all of the sudden... what is she doing? Running away again? What is she running away from? Her feelings? ... Yes she was hurt but she sincerely wanted to help Thalion and she knew she could. She lost her cold too quickly when she was with him and now she was reacting like a unhappy baby, ragging that events didn't occur like she wanted to... so she turns back, decided to talk to Thalion on a calmer tone and show him her determination. There must be a way.

They will meet under the falling snow.


Thalion cursed the speed of his new friend. He had no time to worry about the cold snow if he wanted to catch up with her. He suddenly stop, surprised to see her figure coming back his way! She seemed surprised too.
“I'm sorry.” He started, getting closer.

Thalion could see Nilan's light armor and grey skin between the gap of her long cape. Her glistering eyes seemed to beg him for something he wasn't sure what it was. He simply felt happy to see her again, safe and sound. Somehow her presence brought him comfort.

“I can't have your death on my consciousness Nilan... but I... “

Thali suddenly realized that the woman's “odd” greyish skin didn't appear so odd to him anymore. He even thought that she was pretty.

“... I... I...”

“It's ok.”

Nilan could feel her heart pounding. She was ready to seek him out, she didn't think he'd be coming back to her to apologize!

“ You're gonna catch a cold, without anything to cover yourself!” she said, rubbing her hands on his arms and shoulder to chase the tranquil snow away and give him some warmth. She wondered if she couldn't kiss him... Her thought made her blush despite herself!

“I'm fine.” the man replied. “I couldn't stand to know the last thing i said was that i didn't want of you. I didn't want you to believe that.”

His voice was so calm and peaceful again, his eyes so soft and gleaming, his warmth so warm under the cool breeze, it all made her heart melt. She tried to contain herself, but she wasn't sure how much that was working...

“I'm sorry i ran away so easily” she admitted in a murmur. “I.. What you said hurt me. Deep down, I knew you meant it to protect me... I should have known better. I don't want to give up. Please give me a chance.”

Thalion smirked and sighed at the woman's stubbornness. He strangely felt reassured to be able to count on her. Before he realized what was happening, Nilan's lips met his in a sweet kiss. The man, tired of loneliness, welcomed the special attention. He had to admit Nilan meant something special to him and he responded to the woman's gesture with strength and passion.

Nilan couldn't believe what she had just done, but now that she was into it and him responding, she didn't hold back.  She kept to herself that despite her age, it was her first real kiss and just hoped that if not great, it was at least heartfelt. Feeling his hands enlacing her felt a bliss and touching his bare skin made her heart pound even louder.

“If we're to do anything” she whispered between two kisses, giggling “there is a warmer place just a few minutes ahead!” she teased.

Thalion looked in her eyes for a moment and kissed her again. He seemed completely warmed up and didn't want to break the moment. Long time of loneliness seemed to be expelled in every of their kisses and touches. Physical needs and pleasures slowly seemed to take all the place. This was going far...

“Thalion.. wait.”

Confused emotions emerged in Nilan's chest. She felt something strong, her kiss was there to express that. Then she wanted to have fun, at long last, but suddenly she realized she also felt uncomfortable.

Thalion stop to look in her eyes as she pushed herself away delicately.

“I... i'm not even sure if i love you. I care for you so much and you're handsome... but i... i don't want to go farther unless i'm sure of my feelings. I want to make love to someone i'm truly in love with.”

Thalion didn't know what to answer to that. Wasn't what they were feeling for each other enough? As he looked deeper into her earth brown eyes, a strange warm emotion formed inside of his chest. He didn't find any words to argue.

“While walking earlier” Nilan whispered timidly to fill the silence. “ I had an idea. Maybe there is a way we can have enough magic to protect ourselves.”


That woman impressed him.

“We need to get you some warmer clothes first. Then we'll head back to my land.”

For an instant, the greyish shape of Nilan seemed frail, until her gaze met his again. Thali smiled.

“Better then none, so it sounds like a plan. You'll have to tell me your idea in route!”

“Thanks Thalion!!” she said with a wide smile. “Thanks for everything. Let's just move on. I want to make love out of love, not out of loneliness. One day, i will know.” And with a last embrace and brush over his arm, she headed towards the river.

The half-elf paused a moment to watch the womanly figure walks ahead. That warm feeling... could it be respect, maybe? he thought. She could have make love to him, just for the physical pleasure of it, but she didn't... A part of his brain told him he should feel rejected, but his heart screamed Nilan cared for something else, something deeper in him and that seemed to change everything. He couldn't put in words what it was, but that something asked for time and respect.

Already a few meters ahead, Nilan stops, bows her head to the side and hold out her hand  "Are you coming?"

Thalion stared a moment at the image of the half blood. ... Then he smiled gently, moved forward and brushed his hand against hers, just for a moment.
IMPORTANT NOTE : Since i lack time and that writing is an art, i decided to write the rest of the story in a "SUMMARY" mode, which means i summarize the lines of events but i DON'T write it all "like in a book". It's like a first draft WITH only some juicy moments detailed in a more emotional way.
In a way i think it will be more fun to read b/c i tend to elaborate too much on boring details so... well this should do it. Focus on the story and forget about the writing style! Thankies! :XD:

About that particular Part 3, a "boring part" is writting in a long way b/c i wrote it down a long time ago and decided to keep it that way. This was inspired by "Find some warmth in the cold" past contest. I'm sure i'm not the only one to have thought about something like that hehe! :giggle:


Thalion belongs to *Remember2Live
Nilan belongs to me

Like Moon and Sky: part 1Nilan ran and ran. She could feel her breath accelerating as she crushed branches and jump over bushes. The half-dark elf, half human ran alone in the forest and she never wanted to stop running. Her race was the only thing she knew would dull her painful sense of loss and calm that burning anxiety that threatened to make her broke in tears.


Lost in his thoughts, Thalion had long lost the sense of where he was going. In fact, he wasn't really going anywhere, anyways. Walking, attentive, he simply took comfort in the high trees and the surrounding nature. His gleaming eyes reflected the color of a cloudless sky on a sunny day... he wished
Like Moon and Sky: part 2Another day was beginning for Thalion. He has already pass many, alone, thinking in the woods. The morning sun was sending encouraging rays of gold through the branches, tenderly chasing away the cold mist of the night. Despite the apparent calm of the forest, Thalion still couldn't figure a way out of his heartbreaking predicament. What could he do? What choices do he really has? The half elf humorously considered not going back to his land and continue to wonder in the woods anonymously! A few days had passed since he had met Nilan and he smiled as he mused what she might have thought about his issue. So many things they didn't have the tim
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SLefor Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
*PhaeOBrien and I joked that Thalion needs someone to teach him how to "be a man" and "take a woman" because he keeps turning women down in all the contest entries that came in. :giggle: I'm glad to see him be turned down for a change, and I imagine that he'd handle it the way you wrote it. Considering his mother uses her feminine charms to extract coin from man after man, and yet loves none until Oreyn, and the sisterly love he has with Raina, I imagine he'd have a lot of respect for women beyond the pleasures of the flesh they could potentially bring.

That being said, I feel all warm and fuzzy reading their story as it unfolds, and I'm glad that it isn't over yet! These 2 do make quite a pair, and it makes me happy to be able to peek in on their adventure :)
LeilansDream Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013
Thanks Sarah! Reading your comment brought a smile on my face! :)

I'm glad my story was a little different hehe! :giggle:
I really like to write on a more freeway style. It's a LOT faster to write my ideas, so i think i'll delve in it and continue like this one for the rest, if you don't mind. I have tons of surprises left for you!

Thanks a lot for reading! :hug:
SLefor Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I love your surprises, they are always the best :glomp:

No, thank YOU for writing! ;)
LeilansDream Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2013
( hehe i already started the next part! )
By the way, if there is anything you feel confused about or would like more precision on, let me know, i'll include it in my further writing.

My pleasure! :bow:
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